How OpenAP Works



  • Build Segment
  • Share Segment
  • Verify Post
  • Build Segment
  • Analyze & Plan
  • Negotiate & Buy
  • Traffic the Campaign
  • Post Reporting & Analysis


  • A segment is a specific target audience for television advertisers which can be defined based on demographics, consumer preferences, finances & income, etc.
  • A segment can be built as a self-service segment or imported with a data source where the segment has been previously defined.


  • A self-service segment is built up of individual parameters linked by logical operators (AND, OR)
  • Parameters are a logical description of the criteria used to define the target audience Example: “Age between 18-34 & income $70k+”

Segment definition:

  • The translation of your segment parameters, which can be exported from OpenAP


  • A post provides metrics (reach, impression) for a targeted advertising campaign and an audience segment

Publisher user:

  • A user working at a media company who is a member of the OpenAP consortium, and who broadcasts advertising
  • Publishers include Fox Corp, NBCU, Viacom and Univision

Agency user:

  • A user from an advertising agency, leveraging OpenAP segments and seeking to buy advertising space from a publisher