Holistic cross-screen advertising has been an elusive challenge that publishers, measurement providers and advertisers alike have grappled with for too long. With its launch, XPm enables independent measurement companies to deliver key metrics the industry has been waiting for.

XPm is built on the OpenID identity spine and powers the sharing of campaign exposure data with third-party measurement companies in privacy safe environments. The framework enables the resolution of data to the OpenID identity spine and facilitates cross-platform reporting on campaigns that span multiple publishers across both linear and premium digital video viewing environments.

Advertisers will have the ability to see not only how many people were reached but who was reached across all screens.

Baseline XPm Reporting Metrics

The same audience is used for targeting and measurement across data-driven linear and FEP digital environments, unlocking the ability for marketers to receive cross-platform insights, including:

Total Deduplicated Reach

Total Cross-Platform Impressions

Average Frequency per OpenID Reached

XPm Measurement Companies

Advertisers can choose between participating measurement companies.

Requirements will be defined by the VAB’s Measurement Task Force, with all solutions subject to validation and verification by the VAB to ensure transparency of methodology and technical integration with the OpenID identity spine.

TV'S Cross-Platform Measurement Framework

XPm is TV's cross-platform measurement framework that allows marketers to see not only how many but who was reached across screens. Watch our video to learn more.

Download the XPm Checklist to get started.