Attribution Insights on Audience Based Campaigns

Advertisers can receive consolidated performance insights on campaigns run across OpenAP members including AMC Networks, FOX, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Univision and The Weather Channel.

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OpenAP has expanded our suite of measurement solutions through a new relationship with iSpot, now offering performance-based reporting, attribution and OTT insights on audience targeted, cross-publisher campaigns activated centrally via the OpenAP Market.

Advertisers can more effectively plan, execute and now measure audience-based campaigns at scale across the largest consolidated footprint of premium video advertising inventory. The combination adds greater efficiencies for agencies and brands through the unique ability to access mid- and post-buy analytics alongside planning and buying services when activated centrally in one platform. OpenAP clients, including those who are not currently iSpot customers, benefit from iSpot reporting at a preferred rate when deployed with OpenAP.

Linear Attribution

Deterministic insights into the relationship between ad exposures and business outcomes

Tune-In Measure efficacy of campaigns driving subsequent viewership

Web Reveal how campaigns are driving conversion of website visits, product page visits and sales

Foot Traffic Understand the impact of campaigns on driving offline retail visits

Box Office View conversion insights for movie times, ticket quantity and purchase confirmation

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