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Simplifying audience-based media buying

Audience-based buying refers to media buying that leverages behavioral, attitudinal, and lifestyle based data to identify and create custom audience segments that go beyond traditional age and gender audience definitions.

Whether an advertiser is looking to target a travel enthusiast, a first-time car buyer, or a luxury shopper, transacting in custom audiences allows them to identify and reach a highly-engaged segment.

These campaigns deliver marketing outcomes that go beyond traditional impressions, including higher ad engagement, brand affinity, purchase intent, and driving in-store traffic.

Why we created OpenAP

Within our respective companies, we were at the forefront of the evolution of TV, creating advanced, data-driven products that helped advertisers move beyond basic demographics and into advanced audience targeting. However, while demand for audience targeting has grown significantly, adoption has been limited by the industry’s failure to make audience buying as transparent and easy as traditional guarantees OpenAP was our response to a clear industry need that required collective action.

Founded by a consortium of television publishers and operated by a leading, neutral third-party auditor, OpenAP simplifies audience-based media buying, by providing cross-publisher targeting and independent posting for advanced audiences.

Security & Privacy

The OpenAP platform is built and administered by one of the world’s leading media auditors and is designed from the ground up with security and rights management as fundamental requirements.

This means that agencies and advertisers maintain absolute control over which partners can review and analyze their target segments.

It also means that segment definitions that are securely shared with publishers are blind by default; this means that publishers cannot see the specific construction or data source combinations included in a segment but instead only the specific viewing source IDs that comprise the segment.

Our Team

David Levy
Chief Executive Officer

Board Members

Marianne Gambelli
President, Advertising Sales at FOX

Meredith Brace (Chairman)
EVP, Client Solutions at FOX

Linda Yaccarino
Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships at NBCU

Krishan Bhatia
EVP, Business Operations & Strategy, Advertising Sales at NBCU

Sean Moran
Head of Ad Solutions at Viacom

John Halley
Chief Operating Officer, Advertising Sales at Viacom

Product Council

Dan Callahan
VP, Audience and Automated Sales at FOX

Darren Sherriff
VP, Advertising Technology Solutions at FOX

Denise Colella
SVP, Advanced Advertising Products & Strategy at NBCU

Dominick Vangeli
VP, Advanced Advertising Products at NBCU

Karen Premo
SVP, Business Operations, Strategy & Advanced TV at Univision

Kathleen Flood
Director, Advertising Sales Operations & Advanced TV at Univision

Bryson Gordon
EVP, Advanced Advertising at Viacom

Gabe Bevilacqua
SVP, Product Management, Advanced Advertising at Viacom

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