We have reached an inflection point. Buyers and sellers agree that we must accelerate measurement innovation at scale.

Since announcing the intent to form the first U.S. Joint Industry Committee (JIC) on premium video currencies in January 2023, a working committee comprised of media agencies, premium video programmers, streaming platforms, and trade bodies have worked collaboratively to define the criteria that will be used to establish the suitability of cross-platform measurement solutions in advance of the 2024 upfront.

The JIC’s primary mission is to enable multiple currencies and to do so, standards are needed in order to scale new solutions across the entire premium video advertising marketplace.

The culmination of that initial work, the Baseline Requirements for Cross-Platform Video Currencies, is now available for download. These baseline requirements are the foundation on which the JIC’s Measurement Certification Program will be built.

To view the Baseline Requirements for Cross-Platform Video Currencies, download the whitepaper below.