Today’s advertisers need audience-based TV campaigns to be as easy and simple to plan, execute and measure as traditional age-gender demos.

That’s why OpenAP and Nielsen collaborated to integrate OpenID, the common TV identity framework, with the Nielsen Audience Planner, Nielsen’s end-to-end solution that creates advanced audiences leveraging first-, second-, or third-party data to quickly share a campaign with the market. The integration accelerates the speed of audience activation, powering advertisers to improve campaign efficiency and eliminate advertising waste.

Now, OpenAP and Nielsen are proud to share that our work has been recognized in the Digiday Media Buying & Planning Awards for the Best Use of Technology.

Why does this matter?

Although audience-based advertising has proven to be more precise and effective at reaching target audiences at scale, creating advanced audience campaigns has historically been hampered by laborious and inefficient operational processes, oftentimes adding weeks to campaign timelines.

Advertisers who activate audiences with OpenAP and Nielsen can now create custom audience segments on the fly while narrowing the turnaround timeline from three (or more) weeks to instantaneous segment creation. Additionally, the integration of Nielsen Audience Planner with OpenID enables improved reporting windows moving from quarterly to monthly posting for campaign measurement. As brands continue to invest in proprietary first-party data, they need an interoperable identifier to effectively link that data to other datasets, enrich it, and use it to build, share and reach audiences across the entire TV advertising ecosystem. 

By connecting the pipes of technology and ID solutions, we are delivering on the needs of the market by increasing campaign efficiency by enabling first-party data and other datasets to be appended to OpenIDs, drastically reducing the turnaround time to create data-informed media buys built on more precise audience targets that can be distributed and used for targeting with any national TV publisher. 

What are the Digiday Media Buying and Planning Awards?

The inaugural Digiday Media Buying and Planning Awards program recognizes the companies, brand integrations, and technology modernizing media buying and planning, and the Best Use of Technology category awards the use of technology that has most significantly and positively impacted campaign performance. For more information about the Digiday Media Buying & Planning Awards, and a full list of winners, visit Digiday.