With the publishing of the Certification Scoring Rubric, the JIC is designing a solution that will unlock the power of big data for advertising measurement and analytics.

The urgent need for standardization in the rapidly evolving field of media measurement, especially as it pertains to cross-platform measurement and currency, led to the formation of the U.S. Joint Industry Committee (JIC) in early 2023. Since then, the JIC has coalesced around developing a set of standards and business requirements that both buyers and sellers agree are needed for new currencies to be transactable. This collaboration has allowed the committee to move thoughtfully and at speed to define requirements through a thorough certification and data evaluation process.

The Baseline Requirements for Cross-Platform Video Currencies in March 2023 are the foundation on which the JIC’s Measurement Certification Program has been built. Following an RFI issued to seven measurement companies, a subcommittee with equal representation of buyers and sellers was established to define the Scoring Rubric with review and approval from all JIC members, to evaluate the measurement company responses.

Download the Currency Certification Scoring Rubric below.