The age-old question: how can we do more with less? For TV campaigns, extending to multiple platforms may be the answer

For its 2021 holiday TV campaign, an outdoor apparel brand needed to reach its core audience of outdoor enthusiasts. The challenge? The brand had reduced its total TV budget by 76% for the quarter.

The brand worked with performance marketing firm Tinuiti and OpenAP to build a custom audience of outdoor enthusiasts. We provided audience insights to the brand and Tinuiti, who used those insights to develop a multi-platform media plan--reallocating budget across new platforms with the goal of achieving the same level of effectiveness as past linear-only campaigns, but for much less.

The Strategy

OpenAP and Tinuiti worked together to design a two-part strategy:

By leaning into an audience-first, multi-platform strategy, the brand increased overall on-target household reach, even with a reduced budget.

The apparel brand connected audience-based planning to buying on advanced audience guarantees to deliver brand impact & performance against its target persona. The campaign demonstrates the power of the audience-based buying that Tinuiti advocates in today’s convergent video landscape to drive not only reach but performance.

Jesse Math
VP of Video Solutions, Tinuiti