Cannes, France, June 22, 2023 – The U.S. Joint Industry Committee today announced two key updates on its currency certification and streaming data initiatives at the JIC Summit held in Cannes Frances as part of the 2023 International Festival of Creativity.

Currency Certification
Following RFI submissions received from Comscore, InnovidXP, iSpot, SambaTV, VideoAmp, and 605, the JIC is providing transparency into its efforts by publishing an overview of the Scoring Rubric that will be used to evaluate all RFI responses. This is a critical next step towards a multi-currency future for video advertising as the JIC seeks to certify the transactional readiness of new cross-platform currencies. The Scoring Rubric was defined by a subcommittee with equal representation of buyers and sellers, and with review and approval from all JIC members. Participating measurement companies were given the detailed Rubric and offered a two-week window for open comment. Below are high level details of the Scoring Rubric design:

  • Subcommittee members were asked to weigh the importance of each RFI question in each of nine categories. An Importance Score and Index was then used to assign values to each category to arrive at a total of 100%.

  • A standardized Scoring Rubric will be used to evaluate each RFI response, with a Score of 4 being best in class and the currency meets all the requirements.

  • Each question within each category includes a definition, as well as scoring considerations to provide clear criteria and a consistent scoring system for the JIC members evaluating the responses.

The JIC will begin grading the RFI responses in July. Following the grading period, those who are deemed to be transactable will go through a data evaluation process before a vote of certification by the full committee, with the goal of completing the certification process by the start of Broadcast Year 2024.

"The need for standardization in cross-platform measurement has been the catalyst for both buyers and sellers to work together to create a modern measurement ecosystem that captures media behavior of today’s consumer. We have applied considerable rigor and thoughtfulness into designing a robust scoring rubric that will serve as the foundation to allow us to determine currency readiness for transaction at scale, and we’re pleased to give the industry transparency into our progress," said Helen Katz, EVP of Research at Publicis Media.

JIC Streaming Data Service
The JIC also announced the roadmap for the next six months and unveiled the architecture for the Streaming Data Service as it prepares to take the solution to market. The JIC’s Streaming Data Service was developed on top of a purpose-built Federated Data Clean Room architecture (F.DCR) where publisher census-level data can be operated on in a privacy-centric way. The SDS enables blinded access to programmer first-party data to produce audience aggregated data packages for use in planning and measurement. Key upcoming milestones include:

  • All publisher base-level viewership and ad impression data will be available within the Federated Data Clean Room by the start of Broadcast Year 2024.

  • Between broadcast year start and CY2024, measurement companies work on and propose templates in anticipation of production use.

Accelerating Modern Measurement
Since the JIC’s formation, its progress has been a direct result of the radical collaboration among buyers and sellers. The establishment and publishing of a Scoring Rubric underscores the JIC’s commitment to transparency, while at the same time making progress in designing a solution that will unlock the power of big data for advertising measurement and analytics.