Variety: Interpublic Group, OpenAP Strike Data Pact to Help Advertisers Reach New Audiences

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Campaign Performance

By using OpenID audiences consistently for targeting and measurement, advertisers receive unified campaign performance aggregated at the ID-level, regardless of which currencies were used with individual publishers for deduplicated reach and frequency on a campaign.

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Campaigns executed using OpenID audiences receive:

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Linear Performance Analysis

OpenAP combines publishers' posts to provide independent, third-party post reporting on de-duplicated reach in linear campaigns, allowing marketers to centrally track performance of completed media campaigns against advanced segments.

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Cross-Platform Measurement Report

Holistic view of cross-platform campaign performance, including total deduplicated cross-platform reach, total cross-platform impressions, average frequency per ID reached and OpenID exposure insights.

See how Campaign Performance reporting from OpenAP unlocks value for advertisers.